Experience the profound power of regression with my exclusive 3-session package that enables lasting transformation and profound insights.

What you can expect:

  • Three intensive 3-hour regression sessions: Discover your past lives and their influences on your present being to promote personal growth and healing. Online or in my practice in Dahlem.
  • Session recordings: Relive the sessions and deepen your understanding and experiences.
  • Written session summaries: Use my clear summaries of your sessions to help you remember and process key insights.
  • Individualised guided meditation: A meditation designed specifically for you to anchor the states achieved during the sessions and support your personal growth. This exclusive recording clearly sets my therapy apart and greatly enhances your transformative journey.
  • 30-minute feedback zoom call: Four weeks after the last session, I offer support and integration to clarify questions and ensure continued progress.
    Money back guarantee: If we don’t achieve regression in the first session – which is extremely rare – you will get your money back. This gives you security and confidence.

Why this package?

Many clients report profound changes after regression therapy. Long-standing issues such as unresolved traumas, unexplained fears and negative emotions can dissolve. This therapy can help you gain deeper insights into your life and release karmic blockages, leaving you feeling renewed, empowered and at peace within. This package goes beyond the normal sessions by including important tools to help you anchor the success of your sessions even better in your everyday life.


€ 1.350 (Savings of €90 compared to booking 3 dates individually)


I only accept a limited number of clients per month due to the intensive support required. Please schedule a Soul Sense Talk (free preliminary phone) call to apply for this package.

Secure your place and experience a transformation that goes far beyond what conventional approaches can offer. Book a talk with me today and take advantage of this unique opportunity for in-depth personalised support and lasting change.