About me

You probably want to know whom you are dealing with before you get involved with a Past Life Regression session lead by me. “Who am I?” – one could probably think about this question for several lives without answering it satisfactorily. So instead of daring to answer this question, I will simply tell you how it came that I am offering Past Life Regressions today, and where some of my personal strengths lie.

My development path in this life

As a child in the Christian kindergarten I loved the Bible stories. Later, school and study have done almost the whole job to turn me into an atheist. But then, in my late 20s, I was very much attracted to Yoga, and I have since involved myself very deeply with this ancient science from India. It offers a deeper understanding of consciousness than our Western science, even if “we” are fortunate enough to be catching up. Here, rebirth is seen as self-evident. It was therefore no longer an alien idea to me when I made my first own Past Life Regression experience. And yet I was quite baffled when I experienced myself in past lives. At first, I was very skeptical that I had really lived these lives. But what ultimately convinced me was the many positive effect that my first Past Life Regression had on my life today. Problems, which I had previously endured with for a long time, simply disappeared. Fascinated and impressed by the Past Life Regression methodology, I went on to learn it myself.

At this point, I had already been trained in business management (MBA in the USA), and had then worked as a business consultant for corporations. During that time, I had realized that I could use my talents even better in personal counseling. Consequently, I sought training as a psychological counsellor and coach. I had already received more than 1,600 hours of training, and I had become a self-employed coach in 2006. So I already worked – with great joy – in a profession that fits well with the role of a Past Life Regression facilitator (or Reincarnation Therapist). After I felt sufficiently trained and had also successfully facilitated a number of Past Life Regressions, I began to offer Past Life Regressions as part of my work as a coach.

The Past Life Regression technique I am working with today I have learned from Jan Erik Sigdell. What I also owe to him ist to also have come to a Christian understanding of reincarnation. Interestingly, it can be proved that the idea of rebirth was taken as a matter of course in the times of Jesus. It was only later almost completely eradicated from our lore by church censors.

What I appreciate about Past Life Regression

For me Past Life Regression is a great method, because I am a big fan of effectiveness. Why invest years when a few sessions – sometimes just one – can be enough? Siegmund Freud was right when he realized that we must go back to find the cause of a problem in order to solve it effectively. Unfortunately though, he did not look back far enough – and one can spend a lot of time searching in the wrong place (according to Trutz Hardo, 95% of all causes are in previous lives).

I also find Past Life Regression exciting, because I am interested in truth, and it provides a way to get closer to the truth. And more truth also means more awareness and happiness (bliss) – Sat-Chit-Ananda! Why are we, for example, all so different personalities, already as babies? Current psychological development theories can not explain this convincingly. The idea of rebirth can.

I appreciate Past Life Regression as a method in therapy and coaching also because the idea of rebirth helps to better understand the meaning of life. And this is a topic I am very fond of talking about with my clients. In “conventional” coaching, questions about meaning and other spiritual aspects are, unfortunately, too often excluded. This is different for Past Life Regression work.

What I am good at

Already as a child I was a good listener. It’s easy for me to put myself in other’s position, feel how they are and recognize what they need. But I am also good at assessing their personality and character. At the same time, however, I also keep my own perspective. This allows me to help my clients to get a clear view and find the best way towards their goal.

I am fascinated by the hidden strengths, talents and abilities of people. I am good at recognizing the talents and abilities of others, and at making them aware of them, what is most often experienced as inspiring and encouraging. I love it when people realize how they can be useful to others with their gifts, skills and abilities, and find fulfilment in using them.

Further, authenticity is very important to me. I am aware of the adaptation pressure that trains us to wear masks. But I also know: we do not unfold our true strength until we are truly faithful to ourselves. So, as a Past Life Regression therapist, I serve the inner core of my client, his true self.

What makes a Past Life Therapy good?

Good to know: the method is not all there is to Past Life Regression. At least as important are being naturally gifted, attitude, attentiveness and consistently developing a deeper understanding of the connections between the material, the mental, and the psychological – and also the spiritual.

I have been practicing yoga for 15 years and I like to busy myself with this tremendously rich and ancient wisdom science, and also with Christian and Buddhist metaphysical teachings.  Where it suits, this also flows into my work as Past Life Regression facilitator. Last but not least, this kind of work with people is also an art, and a good Past Life Regression therapist (Reincarnation Therapist) is also a creative artist who trusts in his good intuition during his work.

My Trainings

In my endeavours to embody my ideal of a good Past Life Regression facilitator, my path has led me into various fields of training, which all directly support the quality of my Past Life Regression work. The Past Life Regression method that I am using I have learnt from Jan Erik Sigdell, who built upon the Christian Reincarnation technique developed by his teacher Bryan Jameison. In addition, I am influenced by ideas and methods of Rüdiger Dahlke. As a coach I have trainings in Strengths Psychology and Positive Psychology (GALLUP® Certified Strengths Coach), Systemic Consulting and Coaching (certified as a Management Executive Coach (ECA) and as a Business-Coach for Systemic Short-Time Concepts), Neuro-linguistic Programming (certified as NLP-Master), Generative Coaching, Provocative Coaching, Kinesiology, Wingwave®-Coaching (certified as Wingwave®-Coach), and Ericksonian Hypnotherapy.

What my clients say about me