What is Reincarnation?

Rebirth (or reincarnation) means that the soul is reincarnated after death, by connecting with an embryo growing up in a mother’s womb and then being born into a new physical life. Many people have spontaneous memories of such experiences in childhood or later.

What is Past Life Regression?

In a Past Life Regression, you go with me on a trance journey of re-living of episodes from your past lives and your childhood. There, you will encounter different parts of your being, some of which may be new to you. Among these are past life personalities and inner children, whom we will want to help. You’ll have support in this by an inner helper, which we all have, known as the Higher Self. Then a protective part may show up, to protect from pain, and that is welcome also. Finally, it can be that we meet parts that are not yours, guests so to speak, which we call spirit attachments. In engaging these parts, we will gain back to you what you have lost, and release from you what’s not yours.

Do you have repeating patterns in your life, that you wish to understand and end? Do you want to live fully in the present, unburdened by your past, and with all your soul energy recollected? That can be some of the benefits of this work.

What is the purpose of Past Life Regression?

  • Have I lived earlier lives?
  • What influence do they have on my life today?
  • How can an examination of past lives help me,
    • to solve today’s problems,
    • to free myself from limiting emotions and
    • to realize my potential?
  • What is my task in this life?

You can find an answer to these questions during a Past Life Regression session accompanied by me.

How does a Past Life Regression proceed?

The procedure of a Past Life Regression session is at first similar to a guided meditation. You will lie comfortably on your back and describe to me what you are experiencing before your inner eye. It is a little like having a waking dream and telling it to someone else, who also helps you to navigate through that dream. It is only that in this case instead of just travelling in your imagination, here you will travel to earlier lives, and use that to achieve very tangible positive effects today.

The Past Life Regression technique I use works without hypnosis and is completely risk-free. During the complete session you remain fully conscious. It is not necessary that you believe in reincarnation (or know about it) for the technique to function. Psychotherapy offers a similar method called catathymic image perception. Here, of course, the associated scientific worldview rejects the idea of reincarnation, and it still seems to have a positive effect. In my experience, however, rebirth is a matter of no doubt.

Please feel free to call me or write me a message if you are interested in a session – or if you would first like to know more about my approach. You are welcome!

About me

I am fascinated with who we are as souls and how we grow. How do we best deal with darkness? By shining our light into it. By reconnecting lovingly with the parts of us that got hurt – including past lives. I have devoted my professional life to learning better and better ways of how to do that. I have been doing personal growth work with people since 2006 when I started my coaching practice. I have trained in hypnotherapy, NLP, and other techniques. Since 2015 I began working with past life regression. Then, about 8 years ago, I co-founded a regression school in Germany. Here we train an approach called Transpersonal Regression Therapy. We have so far had 3 successive classes of students whom we successfully trained to become regression therapists.

I do group workshops and see clients for private sessions, in person and online.


What customer say

During the past life regression session I felt very well cared for. Timm guided me very professionally through the process and could also deal with my internal hurdles very well and calmly.


At this point a big thank you for your support! I am now less afraid to be alone at night and feel strong as a woman inside even outside in the dark.

Angela Fritz

Timm quickly creates a comfortable atmosphere and precisely brings the right topic to the surface in the preliminary conversation to finally address it in the regression. I immediately found trust in him and in his abilities, which was essential for me. And of course the insights were incomparable. I’m excited to see what else they do in the year’s review. Timm is a complete professional – on all levels. Clear recommendation.

Carmen S.

The past life regression session with Timm Christophel helped me a lot. There was such an undefined, subliminal rage in me, a dark, cold destructive rage that scared me. It never came back after that. Thank you!

Dorian Zillmer

With Timm’s loving accompaniment, I have succeeded in climbing into the depths of my soul and recovering precious treasures.


Mr. Christophel is a very sensitive and understanding regression therapist. I felt well guided and in good hands. The regression helped me a lot to understand a situation in my life. I would always come back to Mr. Christophel if I wanted to do a regression.

Stefanie Baumann

The experience with Timm has changed my life completely, positively!!!!!
I am 46 years old and finally HAPPY!
A very interesting experience!!!!


Dear Timm, Thank you very much for your help and the good support. The regression was a huge success. Finally I could let go of the decades of brooding, uncertainty and negative feelings, I feel like newborn and see many things much clearer now. Thank you very much for this, Claudia

Claudia Baerhausen

Timm met me with honest interest, an attentive distance, and an open mind. I value his ability to make objective judgments and help me with new perspectives. The feeling he gave me of working together on an equal footing has made it much easier for me as a client. The Past Life Regression session has expanded my perspective and even was a joyful experience.

Frank Bornhöft

I gladly invite you to a free preliminary telephone consultation to discuss the idea of a past life regression session for you.