Transpersonal Regression Work

In a regression we find out the story behind the story

Transpersonal regression work is a very effective and comparatively short change work, in which an attempt is made to solve a problem directly from its root. It is not only talked about, but rather a deep physical-emotional process is aimed at, in which hitherto unconscious memories resurface, are lived through once again (in a softened way), and are worked through in the process.

This occurs in an altered state of consciousness that is not induced by hypnosis. Rather, the natural trance of the problem is used to direct attention to the source of the problem. The client turns completely inward and surrenders to the images, thoughts, feelings, and body sensations that arise within him or her. He or she speaks out what is happening, so that also through the questioning of the facilitator the picture of a situation can become more and more clear, which is causally or at least associatively linked to the present problem.

The “story behind the story,” so to speak, of the current topic or problem, is brought out. This formative story can be a forgotten episode from childhood, but it can also reach back into areas that are not accessible to normal memory. This is where it gets fascinating, and this is where regression work differs from other approaches, because it is possible and quite “normal” to also relive birth, pregnancy or even one’s own procreation during a regression session.

Das größte Potential für Veränderung eröffnet in der Regel eine Rückführung, die sogar in Erlebnisse aus einem früheren Leben zurückgeht. Die dann auftauchenden Situationen und damit einhergehenden Bilder und Gefühle wirken auf den Zurückgeführten dann in der Regel als völlig unbekannt, es sei denn er oder sie hat bereits einmal in einem Traum oder einer Grenzerfahrung Einblick darein bekommen, was durchaus vorkommt. In der Rückführung kann die Geschichte aus dem früheren Leben dann endlich Schritt für Schritt rekonstruiert werden.

Not just remembering, but reliving

Reliving is a significant part of this change work, up to and including a possible catharsis, which can have a tremendously liberating and relieving effect. The emerging material is worked on very thoroughly in the so-called transformation part of the session, so as to dissolve all after-effects of the earlier experience on the present life.

The goal is to make the present feel free, light and unencumbered again. The starting point can be, for example, an exam anxiety related to speaking freely in front of authority figures. In regression, the unconscious experience of being accused and condemned as a so-called witch before a tribunal in a previous life in the Middle Ages emerges as the story behind the story. There was no possibility to defend oneself, the church superiors were overpowering. The verdict was already fixed and led to execution. That is where the fear belongs. After this has been relived in a weakened form and the body of that time has found a dignified resting place, the truth is proclaimed in a new edition of the tribunal of that time and justice is served. The inquisitors are put in the dock. Unfinished business is made up for (e.g. seeing the children again) and open questions are clarified (e.g. who betrayed me and why?). Now the former life finds its rest and no longer interferes with today’s life. Today’s trials are exciting, but no longer life-threatening.

This past life may have been brought out by an unpleasant swimming pool experience in childhood. After working through it, water can once again be a refreshing cool water that is fun to swim in, and no longer a cold dark sailor’s grave. Analogously, this applies to many situations in which violent feelings from earlier are triggered again in the present life and burden it.

A wealth of other possibilities

In addition to the process of regression itself, which strongly involves the body and its sensations, and the submergence and rediscovery of unconscious memories, there are many other possibilities in transpersonal regression work. For example, we can energetically dissolve consequences of accidents and operations, we can find foreign energies of other people – loved ones, deceased or unknown persons – that are incorrectly attached to us and free ourselves from them. We can also retrieve lost parts of the soul, and personify inner sub-personalities, such as inner children who are stuck in a certain situation. Or we can internally work on transgenerational issues from the ancestral lineage, and resolve them with an energy exchange.